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The Taste of Silver news 1/24/06 - tour, shirts, other stuff

Another week older and another day colder. It snowed much more than the anticipated 1-3 inches here in Massachusetts. I bet some of you don't even get snow. Bah!

(+) We're going on a three-day mini tour Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week to Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland respectively. If you live near any of these, come out! The Ohio one is FREE. They are all all ages and very cheap:

Thursday, January 26th
@ The Viking Dojo
1624 N Harrison St
Fort Wayne, IN
$4 - ALL AGES - 7pm
The Poseidon Adventure
Systematic Overthrow

Friday, January 27th
@ Ohio Wesleyan University
Benes Room in the
Hamilton Williams Campus Center
53 Spring St
Delaware, OH
all ages - FREE - 6:30pm doors
No Idols
Winter of Discontent

Saturday, January 28th
University of Maryland
3130 S Campus Dining Hall
College Park, MD
$5 -all ages - 7PM
hello romeo!
pistols & daggers
flames over broadway

(+) We are heading out for our third US tour this summer. You can catch us in your hometown by checking out the dates in our journal(s) and seeing when we'll be near you. If you want to help, please do! We can always be reached via

(+) We're looking for greater distribution of our record and for videos of us live. If you know of any good local stores that would sell our splits, or if you have video of us, get in touch.

(+) Currently, we've been in the process of writing for a full-length record. We have all of the material (plus surplus) written, and we're going to lay down 4-5 tracks in March or April to give everyone something new to listen to. We're waiting on recording the other songs till we know who is doing the album, as we've always been poor homies and can't afford to do all 12 songs all at once on a whim. Oh well. PS - yes, binary will be on this.

(+) The split CD with Aganihm (featuring Grasshopper) and the split with Raising Kubrick (featuring The Way I Walk In France) are available. They are $5 + $2 postage from us directly when in the US. If you want secure shipping or you live in another country, ask us first about pricing.

(+) We have new shirts in! The two-color hand collage done by Alex only now on VaRiOuS colors. Get yours while they are hot. We ALWAYS sell out of shirts and then SOMEONE gets all fussy about that so take advantage now while we actually have them. Otherwise you'll be mad at yourself when we only have one Adult XL lying around in an relatively empty bin.

The Taste of Silver
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